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He managed to make a smile and open his arms for embrace. As tired as he was, Leon was still genuinely glad to see Sherry. Even if they didn’t see each other often he’d still keep an eye on her. Just in case. He wouldn’t admit it but he was still worried, especially since she’s become an agent.

'Sherry! So glad to see you again. How have you been?'

The blonde leaped into the air with as much ferocity as a pouncing feline. Her legs kicked up, arms spiraling around his neck. He felt warm and inviting, akin to one of the stuffed teddy bears that she had taken up on collecting. 

She smiled and loosened her grip, still a child in many ways with naivety in her eyes.

"I’m alright," Sherry said. A bob of her head served as her assertion. "How’re you?”




Errata Exist ENCRYPTION:

RECIPIENT: Sherry Birkin, DSO.


I am sending you coordinates.  Meet me there 8PM sharp.  Come alone or the deal is off.  You need my help.

40.7357° N, 73.9929° W


SENDER: Sherry Birkin, DSO.

If this is a trick, then you'll regret your actions. I'll do whatever it takes to get an answer, to put an end to it all.

Please don't let me down.

Encounter with the Reaper [ Cain & Sherry ]


If she didn’t like him, that was fine. Acceptable. Welcome, even. Most people found him unlikable. Personally, Cain found her rather endearing. She tried so damn hard to be the tough, no-nonsense type, but with her appearance and attitude, she seemed more like a child playing make-believe than a licensed agent. 

It was no coincidence that he treated her as such.

"Yeah, you could say that," he replied, his broad shoulders heaving slightly with a gruff chuckle. “Just takin’ care of some business… I’m sure you understand."

She didn’t hate him.

Hell, she couldn’t hate people at all. She wasn’t resentful or bitter, experienced sorrow like anyone else.

Business,” the blonde repeated. Now, I can’t take care of mine… "He was the solution to this problem." She frowned, thin brows worriedly knitting together.

"Now, what am I supposed to do?"

At a genuine loss, her fingers combed through her hair.

Encounter with the Reaper [ Cain & Sherry ]


"Whoa, whoa. Easy there, Annie Oakley." 

He held up his hands in a gesture of mock surrender, eyeing her gun warily. She wouldn’t shoot him, of course; she owed him her life. Now he’d taken one from her, one that he assumed she was here to save. She had every reason to be upset with him, but he doubted she’d try anything drastic. 

He’d hate to have to kill her, too. 

"So… what’s the deal here? Felt like takin’ a midnight stroll or what?"

Sherry didn’t find his quip to be all that funny. Few things were comical to her these days. In a world this cold, she had been forced to adapt and adjust to the frigid, tumultuous waters known as her life.

"No," she replied with a haughty huff. 

His presence annoyed her. He possessed the misfortune of showing up at inconvenience times. Somehow, Cain was connected to this. The notion was a sad one. She could feel disappointment bubbling up in her core.

"I’m here on an investigation." A pause. "Which is classified," the blonde quickly acted. "What about you? Is this your midnight stroll?”

She half-expected for him to start whistling.

shotgunsandscars: [ ♣ BD ] 
♣: Here, have a not so regular (maybe even a dirty one) text message.





Errata Exist ENCRYPTION:

RECIPIENT: Sherry Birkin, DSO.


Playing the fatalist, as expected. 

In past month or two, there has been a total of 40 abductions and they're all quickly being passed off as "cold cases". It started with people that wouldn't be missed, but there was a minor slip in their patterns, what with an oil baron's daughter gone missing.  Isn't that the slightest bit intriguing?  People are being paid off or threatened to keep their mouths shut.

I suspect it's become a little more personal and a lot less "anyone we can grab".  All of these kidnappings are happening near each of the Edonia and Lanshiang's survivors' local places of residence.  Too close for comfort, I'd say.  That means they've got you in arm's reach.  I would have expected the DSO to be on top of this, but it's for the best.

It's time you start thinking real smart about where you go and how you sleep at night.

Perhaps I'll help you.


SENDER: Sherry Birkin, DSO

I don't remember catching wind of this. They would have informed me. Not even the media managed to sneak a report. Granted, our censors would have prohibited them from doing so...

You've caught my attention, Ma'am. I almost wish that this was a sick joke. Deep down, I believe you. I can't say I trust your intentions, but I believe your... Theory, if you'd like to call it that.

By reporting this to me, you're acting out of the greater good. Not for the government, but for all of humankind.

The DSO has been busy, cleaning up another mess. This would be the least of their worries.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you please give me more intel? Anything else? Even a clue? I'll investigate this matter myself.

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☢: It's too hot outside, how does my muse suggest our muses cool down?
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◊: Your muse comes to mine, crying, how does my muse react?
✘: Scars aren't very pretty- my muse has to show you theirs.
✦: My muse was attacked but yours saved them- how'll my muse ever thank them?


Errata Exist ENCRYPTION:

RECIPIENT: Sherry Birkin, DSO.


Miss Birkin,

it has certainly been a while since the incident in China, hasn't it? I was closely informed of your ability to finish your objective despite all odds and still come out smelling like roses. I was impressed, to say the least, though I had my doubts. No matter, there is a much larger game afoot, and I think it might interest you.

And you're...undeniably connected.


SENDER: Sherry Birkin, DSO.


Time doesn't heal those wounds. The objective was accomplished and that's what matters. I like to believe the day was saved... There's always a ghost that paves the way.

Why does this concern you? What's your aim? Most importantly, what do you want from me?

Encounter with the Reaper [ Cain & Sherry ]


All in a day’s work.

Cain had arrived earlier that night, once all the employees had gone home. For whatever reason, their big shot employer stayed after hours to take care of the work he didn’t actually have. His office had been easy enough to find — Cain just followed the stench of greed and utter disdain for one’s underlings.

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To this day, death unnerved her. The macabre scene was reminiscent of a horror flick that clung to her memory. The acrid smell of metal filled the air. She could have sworn that she tasted coppery blood on the tip of her tongue, but her mind liked to fill in the gaps—to twist reality and bend it to a skewed angle.

She blamed it on the G-Virus.

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Encounter with the Reaper [ Cain & Sherry ]


The country held a plethora of bad memories for Agent Sherry Birkin. Her work, unfortunately, was never done. As soon as she returned home to the states, she had been assigned one more task: to investigate a cosmetic facility and interrogate the CEO to the best of her ability.

Not only were workers forced to work in hazardous conditions, but the cosmetics were contaminated as well.

Upon arriving at the building, an unnatural chill swept through her. Sherry shivered and moved on. Her walk was a tentative one, eyes darting left and right.

The building was much too quiet. Further inspection revealed that the workers had abandoned their machinery. When she reached the main office on the top floor, Agent Birkin took a deep breath. She pushed open the door, greeted by a dead man in his leather throne.


Could she have saved him had she arrived moments earlier?